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Welcome to Artisanal Chocolate maker Wauters

Chocolate maker Wauters


If you love delicious sweet treats, this is your site.
Building on his 18 years as a master craftsman, Nick Wauters creates truffles
from marzipan, white, brown and black chocolates of unsurpassed quality.


A business gift in chocolate is one of his specialties.
These prestige chocolates will enhance even the finest wines and Champagne.
If required every gift can be printed with an edible company logo.
Even Nick himself finds it difficult to choose his favourites from the wide selection
of dessert biscuits, the various chocolate truffle assortments or his hand-made
chocolate cream cakes: they are all delicious.
His chocolate cream cake, in particular, is a heavenly combination of crunchy biscuit,
a layer of gianduia (a sweet chocolate made from hazelnuts and almonds),
sitting on a bed of meringue and all coated in the purest chocolate.
You will be tempted for less.And, don't forget, Nick is a master craftsman in
creating window displays using the finest chocolate and precious cocoa:
trucks, trees, St Valentine symbols, Easter bunnies, beach homes, anything you can think of.

Explore more with one of these buttons , or take a guided tour around our workshop.